• Truus Legemaat - 60th
The digital painting was done using the Wacom Intuos Pro  Drawing Tablet by © 2019 Elma Ferreira.

This A3 printed painting was done for Truus for her 60th birthday.  I know her well enough to be aware of the fact that the choice of words combined with the symbolism in the portrait, will be a very close depiction of her character and that is exactly what I am trying to achieve - to capture the characteristics of the person in the picture, no matter what it takes. 

This was her feedback:
"Your golden touch, golden heart, and golden love created a mater piece - the painting you made of me, all glorious & bold colours, with the safe hands of Jesus, cradling a sparrow, reflective of Matthew 6:26 .... so incredibly unique, incredibly "personal", incredibly honouring ...
Then your masterpiece two came along - my own 60th birthday movie! Who would have thought of that? I thought of doing it perhaps, but actually putting deeds to it?  Only you, Elma!  And you did it to the best movie-making -soundtrack inclusive - amazing, heart-touching and a masterpiece that will speak of "history" in time to come!
I am "wowed", "floored", "still speechless".
"Thank you" words are too insignificant to express my gratitude.



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Truus Legemaat - 60th

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